The Art and Science of Eyewear  Atmosphere…

Walking into our retail shops is a multi-sensory experience of the unexpected. We are unlike any other retail optical; our atmosphere is relaxing to the body, our product lines and displays are exciting to the eyes, our knowledge and service is engaging to the mind.

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The Art and Science of Eyewear Product Lines...

We  hand-pick our  selection of products to range aesthetically from the clean, sleek, and modern  to  the bold, funky, and eclectic; and to range functionally  from Fashion Frames and Sunglasses, Sport Sunglasses, to Ready-Made Readers, Chains, Chords, Cases, Cleaners, Cloths and more.

Our strong commitment to children manifests in an array of Fashion Eyewear and Sunglasses ranging in infant to teen sizes. We offer Sport Specific Eyewear and kid sized chords, cases, and more.


The Art and Science of Eyewear Belief…

Great Fashion Eyewear Wears Well.

17 Years of Tradition respecting the balance between the Art that is fashion and the Science that is vision. We keep our clients’ world in focus by offering premium lens materials and innovative lens designs. We want our Great Fashion Eyewear to function comfortably and look stylish.

17 Years of Dedication ensuring our clients the highest quality of service with consistency. We have four licensed opticians on staff; only one required of Opticals, none required of Doctor’s offices.  Filling prescription eyewear or adjusting sunglasses does not require proficient staff, but we do.  It is our way to ensure our clients’ a Great Fashion Eyewear experience.

17 Years of Passion creating Great Fashion looks authentic to a client’s unique image, free of momentary market trends.  Personally styled eyewear creates a state of mind that can only come from feeling distinctly handsome and beautiful.

Expect more, we do.

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