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Sunwear is about protection — and style! At Art and Science of Eyewear we know choice matters so we offer an extensive selection so that you get the protection you need and the look you want!

UV Sun Protection Matters

At Art and Science of Eyewear, we only sell sunglasses that effectively block harmful Ultra Violet Light (UV) to the fullest extent. Before you buy any sunglasses, read the tag. Look for: 100% UV 400 nm. The 400 nm (nanometers) refers to the range of UV. Using polarized lenses will also reduce the kind of “blinding glare” that can make driving difficult. This reduction comes with added vision benefits: More comfort, sharper vision and more vivid color.

Protect — with Style

There is no single accessory you can buy that will make as big an impact in your overall style as a great pair of sunglasses!

At Art and Science of Eyewear, you can have it all – UV protection and that great look! Whether you’re looking for classic Vuarnet aviators, Kaenan performance eyewear in varied lens colors, or modern acetate in stylized colors, rimless or even a high tech titanium look, you’ll find what you’re looking for at Art and Science of Eyewear.

We offer high quality, ready-to-wear sunglasses, frames we can convert into sunglasses (Rx or non-prescription), and even made-to-measure bespoke sunglass services.

Now, more than ever, there is no reason not to love your sunglasses so much that you’d never consider leaving home without them.

Are you interested in Optical Quality Sunglass Readers?

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