Look Cool – but Pick Sunglasses That Will Protect Your Eyes, too! Here’s how.


Happy National Sunglasses Day!

National Sunglasses Day is held annually on June 27 as a reminder that our shades are a health necessity and it is important to wear sunglasses or other UV-protective eyewear every day to protect long-term eye health.

Here is what the Vision Council says in its website dedicated to National Sunglasses Day:

UV radiation is often recognized as the culprit for sunburns and skin cancer but most people are oblivious to the damaging impact the wavelengths inflict on our vision. The problem originates with the sun’s unfiltered ultraviolet (UV) rays. Just as these rays can burn skin cells, they can also harm unprotected eyes. A full day outside without protection can cause immediate, temporary issues such as swollen or red eyes and hypersensitivity to light. Years of cumulative exposure can cause cancer of the eye or eyelid, accelerate conditions like cataracts and age-related macular degeneration.

The best sunglasses look cool – and protect your eyes! Take a closer look at yours and make sure they’re doing their job… To protect your eyes from harmful solar radiation, sunglasses should block 100 percent of UV rays and also absorb most HEV rays.

Not sure – bring them into Art and Science of Eyewear in Downtown Lafayette, and ask one of our many certified opticians to take a look!

Sunglasses for Children – Real Sunglasses vs. Toy Glasses [Infographic]


Do children need sunglasses? Yes.

Sunglasses for Children - are they necessary? Yes. Click to learn more.Sunglasses for children are a critical part of a parent’s defense arsenal for protecting children’s eyes from UV exposure. (Not convinced? Read this article.)

The key is to make sure that your child is wearing real sunglasses with proven UV protection.

Buy Real Sunglasses for Children – Not Toys

As we write this it is early May and our amazing sunny California weather is in full form. It’s the time of year where lots of stores seem to stock what looks like sunglasses for children. Beware, though – these end-aisle sunglasses are not necessarily real sunglasses designed to protect your children’s eyes. Many of these are “novelty” glasses – toy glasses that can be fun to wear but don’t block UV rays sufficiently, if at all.

How do you tell the real sunglasses for children from the toys?

The best UV-protecting real sunglasses for children have the following characteristics:

  1. Sized, shaped and designed specifically for children’s faces
  2. Regulated as a medical device by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA)
  3. Block 100% UVA and UVB light (Look for a tag that says 100% UV 400nm)
  4. Made with lens material that is impact and shatter resistant polycarbonate
  5. Offer distortion-free optics

By contrast, novelty (toy) eyewear designed to look like sunglasses are not regulated by the FDA. They are typically small in size but not designed specifically to fit a child’s head.

These novelty items are regulated as toys for choking and hazardous material risks by the Consumer Product Safety Commission — and do not come under the purview of the FDA. While often cute, toy glasses have the optics of a toy. UV protection is not required by the FDA.

Where to Buy Real Sunglasses for Children

You will be able to buy real sunglasses for children in both prescription and non-prescription options all year round. Start by looking for optical retailers that sell prescription kids eyewear. Even though your child may not need prescription sunglasses, these optical retailers typically sell UV-blocking non-prescription sunglasses for children, too.

Be aware, though, that not all optical stores and eye doctors cater to children’s eyewear needs to the degree that Lafayette’s Art and Science of Eyewear does. We are a full-service dispensing optical boutique that has all things eyewear for all ages — and a strong reputation for a vast children’s selection.

Sunglasses for Children, Sports Eyewear and Child-Sized Accessories - Art and Science of Eyewear

You’ll find our children’s selection strong, with options for both prescription sunglasses and non-prescription sunglasses sized and in styles for kids of all ages, including toddlers. The photo above is just a sample of some of our sunglasses for children, youth sports protective eyewear and child-sized accessories. What’s important to know is there is much more to consider, and we only stock 100% UV-blocking sunglasses.

[Infographic] Sunglasses for Kids: Real vs. Toy

The infographic below highlights the key differences between sunglasses that are designed to protect a child’s eyes and novelty sunwear. We hope you find it helpful. Please feel free to post comments below.

(Click here to enlarge the Children’s Sunglasses Infographic)

[Infographic] Sunglasses for Kids - Real Sunglasses vs Toy


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3 Top Reasons Kids Need Sunglasses [Includes Infographics]


Do kids need sunglasses? Yes.

Wearing optical quality, UV-blocking sunglasses is important for all of us as a defense against harmful UV exposure – and a critical healthy habit to encourage children to master from an early age.

Still not convinced that your kids need sunglasses?

Here are three reasons provided by The Vision Council specific to children’s eyes and lifestyle that you may find helpful:

  1. Exposure adds up. By the time your child turns 18, he or she will already have acquired nearly 25 percent of their lifetime UV exposure. The earlier eye protection begins, the better! At Art and Science of Eyewear, we fit children of all ages (including toddlers) with sunglasses, both prescription and non-prescription.[Fact Graphic] Kids Need Sunglasses - Prolonged UV Exposure adds Up
  2. Children spend spend lots of time outside — that’s their job. Kids generally receive three times the annual sun exposure of adults.[Fact Graphic] Kids need Sunglasses - 3x Sun Exposure Compared to Adults
  3. A child’s ocular lens filtering capabilities are different from an adult’s ocular lens.  Explains The Vision Council: “Research has shown that young eyes are especially susceptible to UV rays. Unlike the mature lens of an adult eye, a child’s ocular lens cannot effectively filter out UV rays and so more radiation reaches the retina.”

[Face Graphic] Children Sunglasses - Kids Need Sunglasses - Kids Ocular Lenses Don't Filter UV Way as Effectively as Adults


[Infographic] Sunglasses for Kids - Real Sunglasses vs ToyTips for Buying Sunglasses for Children

The key to buying sunglasses for children is to make sure you are buying “real sunglasses” sized and designed for children that are FDA regulated and tested for UV-protection — and not one of the many novelty glasses designed to look like sunglasses but with no real UV-protection.

Click here to read more about how to tell the difference, including our detailed infographic, “Sunglasses for Children: Real UV Protection vs. Toys”.

One Last Tip: How Do You Get Your Child to Wear His/Her Sunglasses?

It helps if your child likes his or her sunglasses. Whether you are buying prescription or non-prescription sunglasses for your child, once you ensure that the sunglasses meet the UV-protection and other characteristics of real sunglasses, consider involving your child in making the final decision — based on style, fit and color.

Art and Science of Eyewear - Sampling of Sunglasses for Children, Sports Eyewear and Child-Sized Accessories - Lafayette CA

You may be surprised at the difference it makes!

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Kaenon Polarized Sunglasses and Polarized Prescription Sunglasses


It’s always fun when one of our existing Art and Science of Eyewear vendors visits with news and new styles.  Usually good sports, we often ask our reps to help try on different styles and colors so we can see how specific designs look across a broad spectrum of face sizes and skin tones to make sure we have enough selection for all our customers. This week was no exception!

Kaenon – California Designed, Made in Italy

Kaenon Performance Sunglasses - Polarized and Polarized Prescription

Are you familiar with Kaenon (pronounced “Kay-nun”)? We’ve carried the brand for years!

Founded in Southern California in 2001 by two brothers, Kaenon is an independent producer well known for its proprietary SR-91 impact-resistant, polarized lenses that are standard on all styles – non-prescription, single-vision and their “freestyle” progressive.

Here is how Kaenon describes this innovative lens material:

Kaenon SR-91 Lens material compared to alternatives

“Glass is heavy and shatters. CR-39 is brittle and not impact-resistant, while polycarbonate offers a dull view and scratches easily. Polarized SR-91 was tested in independent labs and confirmed to be the only polarized lens that offers razor-sharp clarity, impact resistance and glare-reduction all in one ultra-lightweight and durable lens.”

Kaenon frames are handcrafted in Italy. Kaenon’s Performance, Lifestyle and Women’s frames are made from the highest quality TR-90. TR-90 is durable, flexible and lightweight. TR-90 retains memory and is temperature resistant so it doesn’t lose shape on hot days. They also make a few metals, notably aviators.

What’s your go-to weekend or vacation sport? Designed in California, many of Kaenon’s sunglasses are meant to help meet glare challenges related to specific active lifestyle sports without sacrificing personal style.

Stop into Art and Science of Eyewear in Downtown Lafayette to learn more about these Kaenon performance sunglasses — and try on different styles. We ordered several new ones today and they should be in soon!

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Step #1: How to Find New Eyeglasses the Easy Way


We understand how tempting it is to start the search for your new eyeglasses by browsing by color, particularly at Art and Science of Eyewear, where there are so many options to chose from.

We have been a popular Lafayette optical boutique for 20 years. Here’s our insider tip for an easier way to find your perfect pair of eyeglasses: Try focusing on finding the right eyewear shape and size for the contours of your face first — and then pick your favorite from our many choices of colors, textures and materials.




“If you want to go for color first go with custom eyewear,” says Optician Anna Fuentes, owner of Art and Science of Eyewear. “That way we can start with color and create the exact shape and size you need.”


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The Solution for Complicated Eyewear Fit? BeSpoke Eyewear Service


Complicated fit? No worries! 

Complicated Fit? Try Art and Science of Eyewear BeSpoke Like a bespoke suit or a one-of-a-kind couture gown, Art and Science of Eyewear’s BeSpoke Eyewear service offers one-of-a-kind eyeglasses specifically designed to perfectly suit your taste and lifestyle — and the contours of your face! Anything is possible.

Anything is possible. The first step? Stop into Art and Science of Eyewear’s boutique in Downtown Lafayette, and talk to one of our expert opticians.


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Quality Readers for Men: Choices Matter


Women may think it is hard to find high quality stylish readers but, for men, it can be an even bigger challenge to find just the right size, color and style in an optical quality reader.

Reading glasses for men - Art and Science of Eyewear, Lafayette CA


We know because we offer a large selection of both men’s and women’s readers and have to spend extra time looking for the optical quality, great looking readers men will want to wear! Stop into Art and Science of Eyewear in downtown Lafayette, California – and see the difference choices make! 


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Fashion Meets Function: Optical-Quality, Stylish Readers You’ll Love Wearing


A new customer came into Art and Science of Eyewear this week, having been referred by a friend who told her we were a good source for stylish readers. She was skeptical that she’d ever find a pair of reading glasses she liked, but came anyway. Just in case.

Stylish Reading Glasses - Art and Science of Eyewear, Lafayette CA

It’s function meets fashion, with a purpose: We spend a lot of time throughout the year looking for optical-quality reading glasses our clients will love to wear. We do this because we know that people who love their glasses wear them more.

Our long term clients know to expect a continually updated selection and it’s not unusual for them to own several pairs so they can change up their look. (And we really appreciate the referrals!)

It’s always fun when someone looking for readers comes into Art and Science of Eyewear for the first time and sees our extensive selection — the colors, styles, and shapes. Everything from classic to eclectic.Readers - Art and Science of Eyewear

This time was no different.  In ten minutes, we were helping our newest customer try on her six favorites!

She bought two. Any guesses?


• • • • •

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Rudy Project’s High Performance Sunglasses and Rx Eyewear for Golfers – Keep Your Eyes on the Ball!


Do you play golf? Art and Science of Eyewear is pleased to offer our clients Rudy Project’s high performance eyewear designed for playing golf but cool enough to wear off the course. Stop into our Lafayette, CA optical boutique to speak to one of our expert opticians about these and other Rudy Project eyewear options.

Rudy Project - Eyewear and Sunglasses for Playing Golf - Available in Lafayette CA 94549


Here is how Rudy Project describes these high performance golf eyewear on its website:

“Concentration, determination, accuracy. These are the main features that golf requires of its players, often out in the field for several hours in highly changeable sun or weather conditions, in which the light changes constantly making it difficult to view the green. Par after par, wind, leaves or dust can affect the performance of the golfer.

For this, Rudy Project has created a series of specific high performance golf glasses and sunglasses for those who play golf, to guarantee the performance of a champion. And a champion of the calibre of Edoardo Molinari, in fact, has chosen to rely on the technology and quality of Rudy Project.



  • Perfect face fit thanks to the ergonomic design and Total Comfort System, which providesadjustable terminals and nosepiece.
  • The lenses do not mist over thanks to the ventilation systems Air System, Air Channel and Vent Controller.
  • Super lightweight, thanks to the use of innovative materials such as Kynetium™, Grilamid®, carbon and titanium.
  • Protection from wind, dust and shocks due to ImpactX™ technology lenses, guaranteed unbreakable for life.
  • Optimal vision on the green, thanks to the revolutionary ImpactX photochromic lensesspecifically designed for golf that allow high level control of light and the perfect balance of brightness between the objective and the background.

The golf glasses from Rudy Project can also adopt custom optical solutions that can correct individual sight defects.”