Custom / Bespoke Eyewear Services

Eye Glasses Made to Order Just for You

With the Art and Science of Eyewear bespoke eyewear service, our expert Opticians design a handmade frame specially commissioned and made to measure for you. Now you can have everything you want in a frame; your own eyewear design aesthetic to suit your face and your lifestyle in the finest of luxury materials – and tailor made to fit you perfectly!

Bespoke Eyewear Service - Art and Science of Eyewear, Lafayette CA

How “custom” is bespoke eyewear services? 

Like a bespoke suit or a one-of-a-kind couture gown, bespoke eyewear are one-of-a-kind eyeglasses specifically designed to suit not only your taste and lifestyle, but the contours of your face.

With Art and Science of Eyewear’s bespoke service, anything is possible:

  • Create your own color combinations
  • Modify sizes and shapes
  • Select materials, including luxury acetates, titanium, and horn
  • Explore textures – mix and/or match between matt, polished or scratch-designed finishes
  • Even choose hinge details

Throughout the entire process, your expert Art and Science of Eyewear certified opticians work with you.

It’ll be fun – and well worth the effort when you enjoy the luxury of wearing a pair of eyeglasses that aren’t just made-to-order by hand by optical artisans — they are designed to your exact specifications, start to finish. This includes exacting measurements we take using special measuring tools to make sure that the frame fits perfectly to your facial features.

We design – but how — and who — makes the frames?

All the frames are made by trusted optical factories known for high end work. Who will actually make your depends on the design, choice of materials, and your budget. Our longest standing supplier has been Tom Davies, known for  his own bespoke service. We were the first to ask to have him build our own designs and he remains a trusted resource for these handmade eyewear frames.

We were the first optical boutique to work with Tom Davies on producing our own bespoke designs (instead of just using his provided components), and he still remains a very important resource for our bespoke handmade eyewear frame service. We also, though, work with other high quality small optical manufacturers, including e.d.a. Eyewear.

Our bespoke eyewear manufacturers are the same optical manufacturers who produce the one-of-a-kind private label frames we design and sell under our own Art and Science of Eyewear private label. Read more about these custom eyewear options here.